What if an online ticket broker could transform your company culture?

Ticket Weirdo is the ONLY online ticket broker that specializes in corporate initiatives. 


We with organizations to reward employees and boost morale with:

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NO Service Fees

NO Service Fees

Cash back rewards

Cash-back Rewards


VIP Concierge Service

Corporate Event Planning

How to get started


Step 1: Discovery call

First, we'll do an initial discovery call to assess your company's needs and how Ticket Weirdo can best benefit your employees.


Step 2: Choose your plan!

Next, you'll choose a plan that works best for your company.



Corporate Discount Program


Partially Subsidized Program


Fully Subsidized Program

Basic Discount and/or Preferred Rate for Employees

Employee receives discount or preferred rate + Employer funds a portion of the service (flat dollar amount or percentage)

Company funds 100% of the cost (Employee submits cost receipt for reimbursement, company matches cost) 


Step 3: Create awareness

Finally, we'll assist you in getting the word out to your employees!


Corporate Event Planning



Need to get the band back together and organize a group event or corporate outing?… Just ask the Weirdos for help!

Turn us loose and take the headache out of the equation. The last thing you need is to turn a great idea, bad. 

Instead of stressing over your next big event, let us do the work. Whether you’re just organizing a group/family event, or you’re an executive entertaining clients, Ticket Weirdo's Concierge and Hospitality Team has you covered.

Ticket Weirdo takes a one-on-one customer approach because every request and situation is different. Our dedicated staff will work hand in hand with you to ensure you have a smooth, cost-effective, unforgettable and successful event. We may be wild and crazy. But when it comes to delivering for our clients, we deliver with high–quality professionalism.

Ticket Weirdo’s management team has over a decade of industry experience and has built the relationships and the hook-ups to make your next group event totally awesome and stress-free.

Phone: 708.320.8067

Email: [email protected]



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